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Home User Vacuum Pouches/Bags (Clear Embossed) - 100/Pack
Embossed vacuum pouch pack of two 150 x 6000.Embossed vacuum pouch pack of two 280 x 6000.
Save £1.86
36/40mm Natural Hog Sausage Casings - 5m Bundle (HOME USER PACK)
Vacuum packed meat with 65mu description.
Muslin Cloth/Stockinette - Bleached White (800gm Rolls)
Save £12.30
⭐ STAR BUY ⭐ - Butchers Sundries Domestic Vacuum Sealer/Packing Machine with Embossed Bags⭐ STAR BUY ⭐ - Butchers Sundries Domestic Vacuum Sealer/Packing Machine with Embossed Bags
Roasties - Coating for Roast PotatoesRoasties - Coating for Roast Potatoes
Prime high quality clear polythene bags packaging.
Prime Polythene Counter Bags - 1000/Pack
£13.79 (inc. VAT) £11.49 (ex. VAT)

White bag of clear film counter wrap.Clear Counter Wrap
Butchers Sundries Clear Counter Wrap
£17.51 (inc. VAT) £14.59 (ex. VAT)

Save £1.10
32/34mm Natural Hog Sausage Casings - 8m on Soft Tapes (HOME USER PACK)
32/34mm Natural Hog Sausage Casings - 1 Hank/91.4m Bundle - UNBEATABLE PRICES PER METRE
Pinhead Bread Rusk

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Non-Stick 3Ib Loaf Pan
Kitchen Craft Non-Stick 3Ib Loaf Pan
£6.95 (inc. VAT) £5.79 (ex. VAT)

Reusable Food Vacuum Sealer BagsReusable Food Vacuum Sealer Bags
Kitchen Craft Reusable Food Vacuum Sealer Bags
£6.95 (inc. VAT) £5.79 (ex. VAT)

Food Vacuum SealerFood Vacuum Sealer
Kitchen Craft Food Vacuum Sealer
£2.87 (inc. VAT) £2.39 (ex. VAT)

32cm Bottle Brush
Kitchen Craft 32cm Bottle Brush
£5.39 (inc. VAT) £4.49 (ex. VAT)

Eco-Friendly Food & Freezer BagsEco-Friendly Food & Freezer Bags
Kitchen Craft Eco-Friendly Food & Freezer Bags
£10.43 (inc. VAT) £8.69 (ex. VAT)

Silver Knife SharpenerSilver Knife Sharpener
Kitchen Craft Silver Knife Sharpener
£8.63 (inc. VAT) £7.19 (ex. VAT)

Sabatier Maison Classic Knife SharpenerSabatier Maison Classic Knife Sharpener
Kitchen Craft Sabatier Maison Classic Knife Sharpener
£12.23 (inc. VAT) £10.19 (ex. VAT)

Serenity Butchers BlockSerenity Butchers Block
Kitchen Craft Serenity Butchers Block
£59.87 (inc. VAT) £49.89 (ex. VAT)

Homemade Cast Iron Mincer No.8Homemade Cast Iron Mincer No.8
Kitchen Craft Homemade Cast Iron Mincer No.8
£31.43 (inc. VAT) £26.19 (ex. VAT)

Caramelised Onion Marmalade Chutney (3kg Tub)
Spicy Tomato & Caramelised Onion Chutney (3kg Tub)
Real Ale Chutney (3kg Tub)

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Curry Powder - 1kg
Ground Cumin - 1kg
AVO Gluten Free Curry Meat Crumb
Stokes Mango Fruit Chutney (240g)
Stokes Spiced Mango Chutney (270g)
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