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Butchers Sundries guide to making sausages

We’ve recently received a few requests from customers asking how they can make their own sausages. To help, we’ve created step by step instructions on how you can make homemade sausages using either our electric mincer and stuffer or the hand stuffer.


  • 2lb Meat of your choice ask your Butcher for the best cuts to use (minced if using the hand stuffer) – for 16 sausages
  • Sausage Mix / Seasoning (shop our range here) – see the individual pack for quantities
  • Pre-Soaked Casing (shop our range here)
  • Water depending on the Sausage Mix used – see the mix pack for details.



Alternatively, you can buy our complete Sausage Making Kits which include all the ingredients (apart from the meat) and the Electric Mincer & Stuffer. To purchase the Kit click here.


  1. If using the domestic hand stuffer with minced meat proceed to Step 6
  2. Set up your Electric Mincer (Click here for YouTube Instructions on setting up the Electric Mincer)
  3. Grind the meat using the electric mincer, do not over grind the meat otherwise you will end up with a tough sausage
  4. Clean the mincer and then add the horn attachment to your Electric Mincer and Stuffer ready for stuffing
  5. Mix in your chosen Sausage Mix with the minced meat – shop our range here
  6. Apply your pre-soaked casing to the stuffer horn and tie off the end of the casing – one of our personal favourites is the 32/34 Hog Casing
  7. Slowly feed your meat mixture through the stuffer – *Top tip make sure your meat mixture is refrigerated and cold for easier stuffing
  8. Prick the sausages prior to linking, this will remove the residual air from the sausage and prevent it from expanding and breaking during cooking.
  9. Link your sausages – squeeze, pinch and twist in opposite directions for each sausage link – there are some great YouTube videos out there if you want to perfect your technique.
  10. Cook and enjoy!!

We’d love to see pictures of the sausages you make at home, please feel free to send them in to so we can feature them on our blog and social media channels.


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