Christmas has come early to Butchers-Sundries!

It may seem too soon to start talking about the festive season but stocking up your butchers shop now will ensure you have all of the essentials ready for the busiest time of year.

From Christmas Packaging to a range of Christmas Point of Sale items, we have got all of products you will need to gradually set up your Christmas shop.


Turkey Boxes are a must-have for your butcher’s shops during Christmas and to help you stock up, we are offering 10% off all of our Turkey Boxes to ensure your butchers shop is fully prepared for festive orders. Available in packs of 50 and packs of 10, you can choose from two different sizes of boxes to not only sell your turkeys in, but to also use as Autumn and Winter hampers for your counter display.


If you are still convinced it is far too early to even consider talking about the big ‘C’ word, we have got some products that you can stock up on at an early date, these include:



There are so many more products that you can stock your shop with to ensure you’re prepared to start your Christmas shop as well as other festive events!

Even if you are not open to start celebrating Christmas, Sunday roast dinners will be starting to become a regular thing once again, meaning roast dinner condiments will be flying off the shelves as we start to head into the colder season.

Our Turkey Boxes offer ends Friday 30th September so ensure you stock up at a discounted price today!

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