Customer Blog – Tony and Jill’s first attempt at making sausages at home

This week we received an email from Tony, one of our customers who had contacted us as he wanted to start making his own sausages. After taking some advice from George, our Customer Services Adviser at Butchers Sundries, Tony purchased the BS180A Domestic Electric Meat Mincer and Sausage Filler. 

Here’s the email we received from Tony, titled ‘Our first attempt at making homemade sausages’

The photo’s included show our first attempt at using the BS180A Meat Grinder/Mincer for making home made sausages.  The machine is great for making our own sausages and mince using various types of meat.

The meat we used in the following pictures was 2.185kg of pork shoulder and 1 kg of pork belly strips. 

To start with we removed all of the rind from the shoulder of pork and belly strips and cut the remaining meat into small chunks and then put through the meat grinder. Once we had done that we put the minced meat which weighed out at approx 3kg into a clean metal roasting tray into the fridge to chill for about 30-40 minutes. 

Once chilled we split the meat into three portions. To the first portion of minced pork we added 4oz of Butchers Sundries Pork and Herb Mix, mixed that into the and then put the mix back into the fridge to cool again for approximately 30 minutes. We then took the mix out of the fridge and took about a desert spoonful of the mix and placed in a frying pan to cook so that we could check the seasoning.  We then put the meat with seasoning through the grinder again, chilled for another 30 minutes

This is where the fun really began with trying to work out how the nozzle fitted onto the grinder to fill the collagen casing.  Thanks to George Hamm and the video of his colleague Craig (click here for the YouTube link) we worked out how the nozzle fitted onto the grinder, we did check the manual but to be honest, the wife got slightly lost. Collagen casing on and we were away, the result was 21 Pork and Herb Sausages.

We then took the second portion of meat and added Cumberland sausage seasoning again from Butchers Sundries. We managed to get 19 sausages out of that amount of meat. 

The last portion of meat we opted to make some plain pork sausages seasoned only with 1/2 dessert spoon of ground black pepper and 1/2 dessert spoon of ground sea salt.

The only casualty we had was a split collagen casing but that happens, no big deal.  For a first attempt, I think me and the wife did very well and the wife managed to link the sausages (she was showing off).

All I can say is Butchers-Sundries customer service deserves a 10 star rating in our view, no matter what the problem however big or small there is always someone there be it on the end of the phone or live chat that are willing to help you. Thanks again George for all your help and assistance.

Please remember if you would like help or advice then our friendly team are here to help you, simply give us a call on 01530 411275 (option 1) or you can email

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