Customer Recipe: Chicken & Sweet Potato Bake

At Butchers Sundries, we love to receive recipes and pictures from our Customers that include our products.

This week we kindly received a great recipe for a Chicken and Sweet Potato Bake which Butchers Sundries team member, George Hamm, has already tried out. This recipe is perfect for a mid-week meal where time is short and you don’t want to make too much washing up.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Bake Ingredients (serves 4) 


  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees / Gas Mark 4
  • Cut the chicken breast into chunky slices
  • Cube the sweet potato
  • Cut the lemon into small pieces
  • Add a good pinch of Harissa Powder, Salt & Black Pepper and a good glug of Olive Oil
  • Add all of the above into a Butchers Sundries Cooking Bag
  • Shake well and place on an oven tray
  • Cook on the middle tray of your oven for approximately 1 hour

Serving Suggestions

Serve with steamed or boiled rice or chunky crusty bread and finish with a green salad, dressed in honeyed vinaigrette.