Domestic Machinery & Kitchen Essentials

Want to try your hand at more cooking? We offer a wide range of at-home machinery to help you in your culinary adventures.

⭐ Are you a pizza fan? Try your hand at making them homemade with our Mini Tabletop Pizza Oven. This is a great machine to make delicious homemade mini pizzas, amazing for a Saturday treat or a pizza party with friends. With a brilliant artisan design and a terracotta finish, this oven is visually appealing as well as practical.

⭐ Our Star Buy Electric Mincer and Meat Grinder is a great piece of machinery for those who love burgers, sausages, mincemeat and more! This easy, reliable and affordable machine is ideal for individuals who wish to level up their meat and make more homemade dinners. Dazzle your BBQ guests with your own homemade burgers and sausages or mix the perfect mincemeat for pasta dishes. The options are endless for this machine, so you can be sure to get your use out of it!

⭐ One for our Italian food fans! Our Imperia Pasta Machine gives you the true experience of Italian cooking! This lightweight but heavy-duty machine is the perfect product for really spicing up your kitchen and levelling up your dinners! Impress your guests with pasta dishes from lasagne to tagliatelle and show them just how good a cook you are! With an adjustment dial of up to 6 thicknesses and a detachable wooden handle for easy storage, this is an essential kitchen gadget, perfect for gifting.