Frequently Asked Question: ‘What does it mean if a product is Call To Order or Ordered On Request'

If there is something specific that you would like to order on our website that has a grey Call To Order button on the page, this would usually mean that we don’t have the product in stock and you will need to inform us if you would like to order this product. 

The Call To Order button is normally temporary, meaning it will appear automatically when a product goes out of stock and we will be notified to get it back in as soon as possible; so if you do notify us that you would like to place an order for a Call To Order product, we will usually already be getting it back into stock – there may just be a specific delivery time!

Ordered On Request products are items that we do not hold stock of; if a customer were to place an order for one, we would then order the stock into our warehouse just for that specific person.

For both Call To Order and Ordered On Request products, please note that any of these items will have a delayed delivery compared to our normal policy due to waiting for the delivery from our suppliers.