Jams for Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea Week is one of the lesser-known celebration weeks in the UK but for those who are getting excited for it, we know that preparing, planning, and executing it can be stressful. Here at Butchers-Sundries we thought we’d help and point you in the direction of some great jams for your afternoon tea party which will certainly get you compliments, as well as give you some classic ideas on how to use our jams.


There are different staples to an afternoon tea party but one of the main ones are scones. A UK classic that is a must have at afternoon tea parties - scones are best presented with clotted cream and a fruity jam, we recommend Stokes strawberry or Raspberry Jam to really compliment the scones (https://butchers-sundries.com/collections/jams-marmalades/products/stokes-strawberry-jam). To top it off why not add actual fruit to the scones to make them even better?


Another staple for afternoon tea parties is finger sandwiches. These sandwiches can be filled with anything from cheese and cold meats to jams. There’s no real guide to making a jam sandwich, it’s all about personal preference! Of course, there’s your classics like strawberry and raspberry but why not experiment a little, we recommend you give our Stokes Blackcurrant Jam a go! (https://butchers-sundries.com/collections/jams-marmalades/products/stokes-blackcurrant-jam)


The main piece, the showstopper, the focus point - the cake! Jam can be used in so many ways in cakes, so why not use that to your advantage? One option is to create a classic Victoria sponge cake and add a layer of strawberry or raspberry jam. With this cake you can really switch up the jam you want to use so we recommend the whole stokes jam range! (https://butchers-sundries.com/collections/jams-marmalades)