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We sometimes run flash sales that are exclusively announced on our social media accounts. Why run the risk of missing out? Follow us today.

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We are constantly launching sales and discounting items within our range. We always announce this on our socials. For example, we currently have a huge January Sale live, with nearly 200 products available at a discounted price of up to more than 50% off on selected items. With massive savings to be had, you don’t want to miss out.

Important information

At particularly busy times, like Christmas, we may need to alter our shipping information. This is always announced beforehand on social media so that our customers can make arrangements around this. There are also lots of other important announcements that you don’t want to miss out on.

Product features

Get to know our products and see what we have on offer for you with our weekly product features. We’re really proud of the products we stock, and we love showing them off on our accounts.


Take inspiration from our carefully curated recipes and get creative in your kitchen. Don’t forget to share photos of your culinary creations with us via the in-app messenger features.

Upcoming events

We regularly post about all of the exciting things that are coming up throughout the year. With so many things to keep track of, you can rely on us to save the date and keep reminding you about events you may want to prepare for. Like Burns Nights, which is being held on the 25th of January.

Customer service information

All of the important information you need to get in touch with our team can be found on our social media channels.


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