The January Sale Continues

At Butchers-Sundries, we have the perfect cure for your January Blues. We’re celebrating the new year with a month packed full of bargains. We have nearly 200 products available at a discounted price in our January Sale category and with over 50% off on selected products, you could save a fortune. Follow the link to shop the full collection online or read on to browse through our top picks.

Kickstart your new year’s health kick eating with home-cooked, nutritious food! Our Butchers Sundries BS180A 1800W Electric Mincer and Meat Grinder is a perfect product for a home cook who is looking to create their own mincemeat. It comes with three stainless-steel cutting plates for fine, medium, and coarse grinds of meat. Was £105.59 – Now only £89.75 (inc. VAT)!

Our second Top Pick is our Butchers Sundries Domestic Vacuum Sealer/Packaging Machine with Embossed Bags. A 3-in-1 multifunction home vacuum packaging machine ideal for protecting and keeping food fresh for longer. This machine is fully automatic and easy to use, removing air and sealing within seconds. Was £37.99 – Now only £32.29 (inc. VAT)!

Third up is our Manual Clipper Machine. This product has been designed to ensure a simple and efficient operating process for various applications, such as supermarkets, bakeries, wineries, meat processing plants, and food factories to seal all kinds of sausage casings, as well as mesh fruit bags and many more. Was £184.70 – Now only £156.99 (inc. VAT)!

After all of that Christmas cooking, why not treat yourself to a brand-new set of knives? At number four is our 3 Piece DymondWood Carving Knife Gift Set with Rosewood Handles. A beautifully handcrafted set comprising of a 10” carving knife, a 6” cooks fork, and a 10” sharpening steel, all with Rosewood handles and presented in a stylish box. Was £149.99 – Now only £118.84 (inc. VAT)!

With over 50% off on this next product, you can stock up for the rest of the year at a fraction of the cost. Our fifth top pick is the KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer. Fitted with an easy-to-read large dial in a sleek stainless-steel casing; it is the perfect option for measuring the temperature in your oven. Was £8.03 – Now only £3.02 (inc. VAT)!

In at six is the KitchenCraft Sabatier Maison Classic Knife Sharpener. This Classic Knife Sharpener has been created for expert use in the kitchen. It has two grinders, one of which is a coarse slot for dull knives and the second is a fine slot for honing sharp blades. Was £12.23 - Now only £10.40 (inc. VAT)!

Re-introduce some old favourites into your POS displays this January by stocking Roasties - Coating for Roast Potatoes. Shop now to get over 50% off with Butchers-Sundries. Was £10.51 - Now only £4.99 (inc. VAT)!

In at number eight is the Spice ‘n’ Tice Licence To Grill - Ultimate BBQ Rub Collection. With 6 different flavoured pots to choose from, this product is perfect for BBQ lovers. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor grilling and will ensure tasty and flavoursome meals. Was £23.99 - Now only £20.99 (inc. VAT)!

Perfect for those wanting to add some excitement to nights in, without spoiling the January detox: At number nine is the Spice ‘n’ Tice Fake Away 'The Takeaway' Gift Box, which contains 6 different flavoured spice kits that are perfect for those who love a takeaway but don’t want to spoil their post-Christmas diet. Was £13.49 - Now only £13.49 (inc. VAT)!

Finally, at number ten is the Spice ‘n’ Tice Curries From Around The World Gift Box. As they say, “variety is the spice of life.” Cure the January boredom and introduce some new and exciting flavours into your kitchen. Was £13.49 - Now only £13.49 (inc. VAT)!

*prices correct as of 10th January 2024*

Our January Sale Top Picks are only a small handful of the products that are discounted this month so head over to Butchers-Sundries to shop in our huge January Sale.