The ultimate Butchers Twine by Henry Winning & Co.

Whether you need to add a last pop of colour to your produce for the Christmas counter or you are starting to stock up for 2023, our supply of Henry Winning & Co. Butchers Twine will help to catch the eye of your customers during any season!

Not only do we supply our Butchers Twine as singular reels, but you can also choose the option of our Butchers Selection Boxes which come with 12 Butchers Twine Reels, allowing you to start stocking up for the start of the new year.

Henry Winning & Co. Butchers Twine is made from first-class, high tenacity polyester yarn to produce a thin multi-purpose twine, made from continuous filaments, which gives the twines their considerable strength. Ideal for kitchen use and for meat preparation.

Polyester and Rayon twines have become the twines used regularly by the butchery and associated trades. All of our Polyester twines are food safe and produced in the UK to the highest standards by one of Europe’s leading twine manufacturers, our sister company Henry Winning & Co Ltd.