What Do Our Customers Think?

Here at Butchers-Sundries, we know that one of our most important assets are our customers. That’s why we we’re always so keen to hear about how customers are getting on with our products.

To make sure we’re ticking all of the boxes, and meeting all of our customers’ needs, we encourage feedback and reviews from everyone who places an order with us. We’ve been so pleased to see so many positive reviews recently, we just had to share some of them.

Andrew Murphy, a professional butcher, ordered the Easi-Cure Smoke Flavour Curing Salt and he gave us a five star review, after using the product. This is what he had to say, “Worked with this dry cure and can say it makes great smoked bacon. I would Recommend for butchers. Just let it sit 5 to 6 days before washing cure off. And turn each 2 days.”

Thanks Andrew… and good advice too.

Craig Wailes also ordered the Easi-Cure Smoke Flavour Curing Salt and just like Andrew, Craig gave us five stars.

“First time I've used these salts but judging by the colour and smoked smell this is going to be a very good product. I can't wait to try my bacon once it's ready.”

We hope you loved it. Thanks for the review, Craig.

Another five star review we received recently was from Steven Wall, who ordered the Toulouse Sausage Mix.

“A lovely mix, full of flavour! We did, as recommended, use red wine and gave some to a friend of ours that couldn’t get hold of toulose sausage and she was very happy with them. We’ll recommend them and the company.”

Jane Shelton ordered the MRC Oriental Salt & Pepper Glaze: “Next day delivery and tasty seasoning. I highly recommend this flavour, but I’d love to try the others. 10/10”

Keith Upton left a review after he ordered the Roasties - Coating for Roast Potatoes. He’d ordered the product ahead of a family dinner he was hosting, and we were so pleased to learn that “all the family commented on how good the roast potatoes were.”

Daniel Hosey ordered White Polystyrene Food Trays (No Pinholes).

“Great again, never have any problems!”

Richard Reader ordered the 220 x 10mm S Butchers Meat Hanging Hooks - 10 Hooks/Box

“Nice large hooks for my chiller, for hanging deer, quick delivery A+.”

“Great product and fast service. Perfect supplier!”, said Barry Wiffen about our Home User Vacuum Pouches/Bags.

“Tastes amazing and exactly how I expected. Definitely be ordering again when I run out 👌🏼”, said Nathan after he’d ordered and enjoyed our Satay Glaze.

Thanks again to every single one of our customers who’ve left feedback after ordering with us. Not only is it helpful for us to learn what works well and what we can improve on, but it’s also really nice to read about how everyone is getting on.

If you’ve recently ordered anything from us at Butchers-Sundries, please drop us a review. Pst… there’s a 15% discount available for anyone who leaves us a picture or video with their review.