BBQ Shop Glazes

Ensure you are bringing maximum taste to your barbecues this year by adding mouth-watering glazes to your meats.

As we start to put away the Garden Mint Glazes from Easter lamb, it is time to bring out flavours such as our Smoky BBQ, Piri Piri, Kentucky or so many other options.

One of our most frequently asked questions is the difference between our Dry and Wet Glazes and we are here to help with this during BBQ season.

Our Dry Glazes which are mainly sold in tubs, come as a powder that is to be coated onto your meat of choice and then left to marinate, creating a delicious, succulent glazed dish.

With the use of our Wet Glazes and Marinades, you can add moisture to your meat of choice, usually coated with a brush which will add an aesthetically pleasing shine.

Perfect for using on meats to display in your butcher’s shops, our BBQ Shop Glazes are becoming increasingly popular as the weather starts to improve during the season.

Not only a product to be used by butchers but if you would like to expand your marinating skills, BBQ season is the perfect time to experiment!