Earth Day – Saturday 22nd April

Celebrated annually, Earth Day honours the achievements of the environmental movement over the past year as well as raising awareness for the seriousness of protecting the Earth’s natural resources for the years to come.

You may not think there is much you can do to help some of the environmental issues we face, but there are small changes that can be made every day that will help to protect animals and wildlife around the world.

Within a butcher’s shop, there are many harsh plastics and polystyrene materials that are in use daily that can cause harm to the environment; by choosing our Eco-Friendly Packaging range, you will instead be using products that are environmentally sustainable all whilst being of the same quality for everyday use.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, try some of our Eco-Friendly Packaging and think about permanently converting to start helping the environment in your butchers’ shops – an excellent fact to tell customers as you bag their goods with a Degradable Carrier!