British Tomato Fortnight: May 29th – June 11th 

British Tomato Fortnight is a two-week celebration of the delicious and nutritious tomatoes that are grown in Britain.

As UK citizens, it’s fair to say we love tomatoes, they are famous for their flavour! Put in salads and made in many sauces, the famous fruit is consumed by the average Brit more times than you think in one week.

Grown on a vine and usually in a greenhouse, tomatoes are bursting with nutrition which will boost immunity and heart health – not to mention they are incredibly good for the environment!

If you would like to celebrate British Tomato Fortnight this year, there are many ways in which you can do so.

Using mouth-watering Marinades, an array of Condiments and of course the fruit itself, you can create delicious recipes that include tomatoes and share them with others, celebrating the British bestselling fruit in the best way!