Build your counters ready for 2023!

Monthly counter-building is essential when preparing for upcoming annual events and there are many to look forward to throughout the year.

As we get out the Chinese lanterns and stock up on the Haggis Mix, we are getting ready for the celebration of Chinese New Year and Burns Night which means you can add relevant counter display Condiments to your shelves for the purpose of catching the customers’ eye as they prepare for the January celebrations!

We have Condiments that can be used all year round for different annual occasions or just for strategically boosting your customers’ basket values.

Including brands such as:


- Stokes Sauces

- The Bay Tree

- Potts’ Sauces

- The Cherry Tree

- Verstegen


As well as many other brands, you can ensure that you have a counter display prepared for each month of 2023 in relation to the event of that month.

Butchers-Sundries have many new arrivals each year of Condiments that will keep your shelves fresh and updated during the year to keep your customers on their toes every time they visit your shops.

All new products will be advertised on our social media channels so keep your eyes peeled during 2023 with our social links below: