Butchers-Sundries most popular Sausage Mixes.

Sausages have been a culinary favourite for centuries, featuring in breakfast meals, on sandwiches, or as a well-known English delicacy served with mash.

Currently, sausages are mainly being enjoyed after being cooked on a barbecue, popped in a bun with a flavoursome condiment and famously being called the hotdog!

From Premium Pork to Smokey Maple and Chilli, we have had some new and exciting bestsellers from butchers creating a mouth-watering BBQ season display as well as home users starting to create their very own sausages from scratch.

If you would like to expand your Sausage Mix flavours, see below our top 10 bestsellers that might just catch the eye of some more customers this Summer:


  1. Premium Pork Sausage Mix
  2. Smoky BBQ Sausage Mix
  3. Cracked Black Pepper Sausage Mix
  4. Cajun Sausage Mix
  5. Firecracker Sausage Mix
  6. Sweet Chilli Sausage Mix
  7. Hot Spanish Style Sausage Mix
  8. Lincolnshire Sausage Mix
  9. Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Sausage Mix
  10. Garlic and Herb Sausage Mix


Whilst outdoor barbecues are being enjoyed frequently, why not switch up your sausage making game and add a little bit more spice and distinctive flavours?