Butchers Sundries Summer Packaging Essentials

Whether you’re a home user or a shop owner packaging is essential and especially in the summer when BBQs are in full force. It’s key to get your packaging right from wrapping up fresh meat in peach paper to packing it in a carrier bag, Butchers Sundries is here to help.

For both home users and shop owners, packaging essentials are key. Our range of packaging essentials is wide and varied. We offer basic yet classic polythene counter bags designed to protect your meats and provide easy access. We also offer antibacterial cool bags that keep your fresh meat cold and fresher for longer (approximately 1.5 hours). These bags also reduce microbial growth when transporting the meats to your BBQ. Additionally, we provide Seal and Fresh counter bags, which are great for preventing your meats from sweating and these bags are both fridge and freezer safe.

Our Eco-packaging is best suited for shop owners to have on hand. Our range consists of biodegradable bags, including butchers' designs, freezer-friendly options, and bin liners. All of these options are eco-friendly and compostable/biodegradable. Additionally, we offer recyclable food trays and turkey crown hamper boxes, which are excellent choices for transporting and storing your meats for the BBQ or summer cookout.

For both home users and retailers, peach paper is perfect and a fantastic way to wrap and package your fresh meats. We offer rolls and sheets of peach paper. Our peach paper provides strong integrity and is also freezable. Additionally, it is non-absorbent, which means the meat stays juicy and fresh.

Trays are also key for packaging and presenting. For your retailers, trays are an important detail when showcasing your range of meat cuts, as it is well known that presentation is key. Trays can also be used to display cooked meats from the BBQ, allowing everyone to choose what they want. Most of our trays are either reusable or recyclable, helping to reduce the amount of waste produced.

With BBQ on the rise, make sure to get your summer packaging essentials, whether you're a home user or a retailer. Here at Butchers Sundries, we have all the essentials you need and more.