Christmas Dinner Point of  Sale Items!

Condiments are a vital part of a quality Christmas Dinner and we have got many to choose from to suit the whole family’s tastebuds.

From tasty Gravies to flavoursome Stuffing Mixes, you can choose from a selection of flavours to pair with a traditional Christmas Dinner.

Not only will our Christmas Condiments help create the most delicious dinner, but they will also make a fantastic addition to your butcher’s counters during the festive season.

Choose from a variety of our Condiments to add to your Point of Sale display such as:

  • Potts’ Gravies
  • Stokes Sauces
  • Roast Potato Coatings
  • Stuffing Mixes
  • Cheeseboard Essentials
  • Christmas Dinner Rubs

With many flavours to choose from, your customers will be able to stock up not only for Christmas Day but for their Sunday dinners during the upcoming Winter season.

When you begin your Christmas display, a selection of Christmas Dinner essentials will help increase your customers’ basket value during the most wonderful time of the year!