How to make our spooky ghosts!

You will need:

👻 Scissors

👻 Butchers-Sundries Muslin Cloth

👻 Balloons

👻 Tape

👻 Double-Sided Sticky Tape

👻 Black Felt / Scary Sticker Faces

👻 Balloon Pump (optional)

👻 Small Cardboard Box

👻 Battery Powered Lights


Step 1:

👻 Blow up a balloon and position on top of the cardboard box, then add your tape to secure to the cardboard box

Step 2:

👻 Measure the Muslin Cloth to ensure it will fit over the cardboard box, cut the piece and then cut again to split the Muslin Cloth to make one sheet

🎃 Repeat this step to create 2 pieces of cloth

Step 3:

👻 Add double sided sticky tape to the top of the balloon, ready to add your Muslin Cloth

Step 4:

👻 Add both pieces of cloth on top of the balloon to stick

Step 5:

👻 Using sticker faces or felt, add your ghost faces to create your scary character

Step 6:

👻 Add some lights to the underneath of the Muslin Cloth to create a spooky decoration!


These ghosts can be used as decoration in your butchers shop for the spooky day or used for Halloween parties!