Christmas may be over, but who is to say we cannot make the most of leftover stock?

If you have some extra bits left over from Christmas that you perhaps aren’t too sure what to do with, you can give your customers the idea of packed lunches and light bites to make the most of their Christmas ingredients.

Turkey sandwiches are usually a must-have feature in anyone’s packed lunch during January and if you have anything from leftover Stuffing Mixes to delicious Cranberry Sauce, you can encourage your customers to create a mouth-watering dish that will ensure that none of their remaining ingredients goes to waste.

Not forgetting that we are of course still very much in the middle of Winter and a Sunday roast is still an English favourite to create, even after the copious amount of Christmas dinner!

Not only can turkey sandwiches be created but don’t forget that cheeseboards can be indulged in all year round, so if you have any Chutney’s, Marmalades or Jam’s left, a cheese lover is bound to snatch that off your hands to create a fantastic cheeseboard for the new year.