New year, New Workwear!

Ensure all of your staff are comfortable and presentable for 2023 with our range of Workwear essentials.

Protective Butchers Workwear is the first order you should place at the start of a new year to ensure your staff are well protected during their day-to-day butchers’ tasks.

Available in many sizes, colours and materials, our Butchers Workwear should be updated regularly to ensure your staff are constantly protected to a high level during different seasons of the year.

Must-have workwear items include:


- Leather/Nylon Aprons

- Trilby Hats

- Gloves

- Butchers Coats


To kickstart 2023, warmer workwear could be a lifesaver for your workers during these cold weather spells that we are having which means our Butchers Coats and Trilby Hats may be ideal for the Winter.

Not only will you need all of the clothing essentials, but Gloves are a must-have all year round to ensure that stringent contamination and hygiene standards are adhered to.

To start a new year off the right way, you can suit up your workers and keep them not only protected but comfortable for the remainder of the year!