Cornish Pasty Week

Cornish Pasty Week is an annual, week-long celebration that begins in late February each year and honours the city of Cornwall’s favourite food — the pasty.

To celebrate this week of the tasty snack, you can use our ingredients to create traditional Cornish Pasties for your butcher's shops or as a mouth-watering meal.

If Cornish Pasties are going to be the main feature of your butchers displays this week, you may need the following products to ensure your customers are drawn to your counters:


- Pastry/Pie Glaze

- Cornish Pasty Mix

- Pinhead Rusk

- Classic Condiments


The traditional Cornish delicacy can be enjoyed as an evening meal in celebration of this annual event, and to add even more taste, you can choose from an array of our delicious condiments, whether you prefer a savoury Sauce or a sweet Chutney, Cornish Pasties can be enjoyed with many different flavours. 

Increase your customers’ basket values by adding some tasty condiments to your point-of-sale displays during this annual event to recommend to your customers as an added enjoyment to the traditional dish.