Dry vs Wet Glazes

Glazes are an essential part of preparing meat to make them burst with flavour! At Butchers-Sundries we offer a wide range of glazes for every occasion in a variety of flavours. But you might notice there are dry and wet glazes available. So, what’s the difference?


Dry marinades are made out of a combination of dried flavourings which tend to crystallise on top of the meat where it has been rubbed due to its higher sugar content, this helps seal in the juices and flavours from the meat. They provide a topcoat for the meat making it look extra pleasing and tasting even better. Dry glazes are best suited to chicken and pork. Take a look at our wide selection of mouth-watering dry glazes here: https://butchers-sundries.com/collections/dry-glazes


On the other hand, wet glazes are oil based and consist of oils, flavourings and a higher salt content compared to the dry glazes. These create a distinct shine on your product making them look full of flavour, with the higher salt content the flavour is never lost when cooking.  Even though wet glazes can be paired with any meat, we recommend they be paired with beef or poultry meats. If you fancy showcasing these marinades on your meat, then you can have a nosey at our wet glaze selection here: https://butchers-sundries.com/collections/wet-glazes-marinades