BBQ Seasonings

With Summer in full flow, we thought now is the best time to give out a little bit of help to those who haven’t had much time with the barbeque. This way, you can blow you friends and family away with the mouth-watering taste of your BBQ. So, we’re going to share our bestselling sausage and burger mixes!


Starting off with a BBQ staple, sausage seasonings are key to a successful BBQ. Our top seller is the Flavourseal Masterchoice Pork Tinted Sausage Seasoning, this will provide a light colour with notes of pepper, nutmeg, and mace spices, you can find it here: .Our second bestseller is our Gold Pork Plain Seasoning which is a medium strength seasoning with pepper, ginger, pimento and mace, that will give you a classic tasting sausage. You can’t go wrong with this flavour  at the BBQ or in your shop, you can find it here: Our third bestselling sausage seasoning is our Cumberland Sausage Seasoning, an absolute classic sausage seasoning, with its classic taste of pepper, thyme, nutmeg, and cayenne. You can’t go wrong with a Cumberland Sausage Seasoning as it’s a BBQ classic, you can find it here:


Another BBQ staple, the burger, so why not up your game by incorporating our burger mixes to impress your guests. Our top selling mix is our Burger Mix 80 Plus Tinted, it’s a highly sought after mix and for good reason, this exceptional seasoning gives a pink-tinted colour that has notes of savoury, spice and onion, you can find it here: Our second top selling burger mix is the classic Beef and Onion Burger Mix - another one that’s expected at a BBQ and one that you can’t you go wrong with, you can find it here: Our third bestselling burger mix is the Beef Burger Mix, this is a high-quality blend of all the top seasonings and rusk to make the perfect beef burger mix to make your customers or guests keep coming back for more! You can find it here: