Father’s Day, The Butchers-Sundries Way

Father’s Day is a great chance to celebrate and appreciate the dads in our lives and what better way to do this than with mouth-watering food! Ditch the salt and pepper shakers and take your cooking game to the next level and use Butchers-Sundries large range and variety of mixes, seasonings, glazes, and marinades.

Mixes are a great way to take your cooking to the next level whether you’re grilling, frying, or setting up a BBQ, Butchers-Sundries has a wide range of mixes from the classics like Beef and Onion Burger Mix to exotic choices like the Moroccan Burger Mix. Butchers-Sundries has mixes for your pies, burgers, and sausages to create a selection of mouth-watering food for the celebrations.

Seasonings are essential to make sure your food stands out; Butchers-Sundries can make your food have a spice kick with the Cayenne Pepper Spice or if you want to keep it classic you can with the Traditional American Burger Mix. Just sprinkle them on your meat or vegetables and if you’re feeling like a culinary expert, sprinkle a little bit on fries to make the flavour really stand out.

To make that Father’s Day cook-up extra special don’t forget to include the glazes to get those grilled meats irresistible. From Smokey BBQ to wild Garlic Glazes, these are essential to make sure the food will surely impress your father. Just gloss them over the meat and everyone will be reaching for second servings.

Marinades are a great way to make flavour pop, keep it classic with the Black Aged Pepper Marinade or go a bit adventurous and experiment with a Dragon’s Fire Magic Marinade, with Butchers-Sundries’ unique collection you can mix and match to get the perfect taste tailored for your father. Let these marinades soak into the cuts of meat for a couple of hours or overnight to get those flavours bursting.

Butchers-Sundries can help you go above and beyond this Father’s Day with a wide range of mixes, seasonings, glazes, and marinades for whatever style of cooking you’re going for, whether that be grilling, smoking, or frying.