Go Green with Eco Packaging!

By choosing eco packaging for your butchers and farm shops, not only will you be packaging with high quality materials but you will be making a more conscious decision regarding environmental impacts. Our eco packaging range contains sustainable, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for butchers and other retail/hospitality environments.

Included in our eco-friendly packaging range are Recyclable Counter Bags, Compostable Liners, Cardboard Hamper Boxes and our bestselling Recyclable Food Trays!


Why use Eco-Friendly Packaging?

By making the switch to eco packaging for use in your butchers and farm shops, not only will you be adapting to sustainable packaging materials but you will also be showcasing to your customers that you are aware of the environmental issues and are willing to support that in your shops.

Even by switching to our Biodegradable Counter Bags, you will be choosing a better alternative to plastic bags as they break down quicker and are still ideal for general use!