Safe cleaning and why colour-coded cleaning tools are key

Diligent cleaning standards and routines have never been more important in keeping all employees and visitors safe whilst visiting Butchers and Farm Shops. Our range of cleaning chemicals, including Anti-Viral Surface Cleaner, Antibacterial Hand Soap, All-Purpose Sanitising Cleaner and Hand Sanitisers, can help you to keep surfaces, workspaces and customer areas clean and safe. 

Why should cleaning tools be colour coded?

Not only is it good practice to segregate cleaning equipment, it is also key to reducing cross-contamination from one area to another, ensuring food safety. A business can set in place as many colour categories as is suitable to their business, but the most common colour categories which are laid out by businesses are:

  • Red: High-risk areas such as toilets and washrooms 
  • Yellow: Kitchen and food preparation areas 
  • Green: Public Areas 
  • Blue: Low-risk areas where there is less risk of bacterial contamination

All of our Cleaning tools are available online in red, yellow, green and blue, but additional colours can also be custom ordered.