It is that time of year again and increasing your basket value never felt so easy!

Autumn consists of darker nights and warm dinners and customers will love to see some roast dinner must-haves displayed on your counters.

From Gravies to Christmas Dinner Condiments, our Point of Sale items will help catch the eye of your customers this season and increase your basket value tremendously!

Not only will customers be looking for the delicious flavours displayed on your counters, but with all of our festive condiment's aesthetically pleasing packaging, you can guarantee a jar or two will be added to their basket.


Not only can you get a brilliant range of Point of Sale products in stock but we also have a variety of Counter Display Stands to add that extra finishing touch to your festive presentation.

With many different sizes and materials available for butcher use, you can choose how big or small you would like your display to be and using our Step Riser, you can proportionally place your products in order of height, popularity or price!