Get ready for our biggest Black Friday deals yet!

Black Friday deals make the perfect excuse to stock up your butchers’ shops for the Christmas season at a discounted price.

This week’s special offer on Butchers-Sundries is 20% off all of our Sausage Mixes and with some festive favourites included, this is an offer not to be missed.

Sausages are displayed on butchers counters all year round so even if you have all of your stock for your Christmas counter, this Black Friday deal can help you with the start of your 2023 stock.


Sausage making may be perfect for butchers, but you can also try it yourself from the comfort of your own home using our sausage making essentials. If you are interested in making your own sausages during Christmas, what better time to start than when we have a 20% off?

You can save 20% off on any of our Sausage Mixes which means all you need to do is get your Domestic Machinery and your Sausage Casings, which are all sold on our website!


Not only do we have 20% off all Sausage Mixes, but we also have many more exciting offers yet to be announced..

Keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting Black Friday deals not only on our website but on our Facebook and Instagram so ensure you don’t miss some of our fantastic offers that are up for grabs.