It’s pigs in blankets season!

That time of year has come again when we start creating the most delicious pigs in blankets ready to add as an addition to a beautiful Christmas Dinner.

Including Sausage Mixes and the essential Sausage Casings, you can create traditional pigs in blankets to display on your butchers’ counters to catch the eye of your hungry customers.

There are many essentials we can provide so you can keep creating these festive favourites during the upcoming weeks before Christmas:


- Sheep & Hog Sausage Casings

- Bacon Curing Kits & Salts

- Sausage Mixes & Seasonings

- Butchers Rusk

- Glazes


As the big day starts getting closer and the number of customers starts to grow, why not add some new recipes to your counters?

Using all of our essentials, you can create a selection of different delicious sausages by simply switching up your Sausage Mixes to display an array of different flavours on your counters, adding some traditional stuffing to the mix along with some fresh cranberries, taking your streaky bacon and rolling it in a delicious Maple Glaze and there you have it, a new look into creating the ultimate pigs in blankets!

There are many creations you can make during the festive season and by saving 15% this Cyber Monday, you can stock up on all of the essentials you will need to try new recipes and give your customers a fantastic experience when coming to your butchers shops this Christmas!