National Curry Week

This year marks the anniversary of the 24th National Curry Week and will be taking place from the 3rd to the 9th October 2022, exactly a week from today!

Included in our Curry Club range, there are several essential products that can be used to display on the counters of your butchers and farm shops, or to cook up a storm in your own kitchen during this fantastic occasion.

From at home recipe kits to essential condiments, there are a variety of traditional dishes that can be made for the celebration of National Curry Week, whether that means take-home dishes for your customers or your own celebratory at home meal!

There are a variety of popular essentials for this occasion such as:

  • Stokes Condiments
  • Curry Sauce Collection
  • Curry Mix
  • Spice N Tice Recipe Kits
  • Butchers Glazes

Using the above ingredients, you can create the ultimate Curry Dishes that will make perfect evening meals for this fantastic week.

With National Curry Week getting closer, ensure that you have got all the essentials that you will need to stock up your butchers’ shops and your kitchen cupboards!

Whether you prefer it mild or with a little touch of spice, you can choose your favourite curry dish to enjoy not just for one day but for the entire week; why not try a new spice and discover a new love for a new flavour?

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