Winter Dishes!

Winter Dishes!

As the weather gets colder as the year heads towards the festive season, there are many Winter meals that can be made for you and your family that are full of flavour and tasty ingredients.

From Steak Pies to Sunday Roasts, we have got a wide selection of products that will create a traditional Winter dish, such as:

  • Butchers Steak Pie Seasoning & Gravy Mix
  • Stocks and Gravies
  • Roast Potato Coatings
  • Stuffing Mixes
  • Meat Glazes & Marinades

Using a variety of the ingredients above, there are an endless number of delicious dishes that you can create in the comfort of your very own kitchen that will bring warmth during the colder season.

Not only can these ingredients be used at home to cook up a storm, but Butchers and Farm Shops can create a fantastic point of sale display to help increase their basket value for the Winter.

Colder months and the Winter season mean butchers will be displaying ideal traditional roast dinner meats and so customers will be keen to find their essential ingredient to go alongside their meat that will add additional flavour to the dish.

We also have counter display items, meat preparation products, turkey hampers and so much more for the festive season!