Potts' New In


Enjoy our brand-new range of Potts’ products, now available to purchase online at butchers-sundries.com!

Potts’ Cooking Sauce in a Can Range

These incredible new products are delicious and easy to use, whilst being aesthetically pleasing (perfect for POS displays)! All sauces are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, and Coeliacs – something for everyone to enjoy! Available in a fully recyclable can, these sauces are currently available in 5 tasty flavours:

Potts’ Fajita & Taco Cooking Sauce in a Can: https://bit.ly/42qseb3

Potts’ Sweet & Sour Cooking Sauce in a Can: https://bit.ly/42jC5j3

Potts’ Enchilada Cooking Sauce in a Can: https://bit.ly/3I42dGx

Potts’ Tikka Masala Cooking Sauce in a Can: https://bit.ly/3nPxtlG

Potts’ Thai Red Curry Cooking Sauce in a Can: https://bit.ly/3I2flvE

Head to the product listings and check out some quick and easy recipes, directly from Potts’ themselves!

Potts’ Stock in 100% Recyclable Can Range

Adding to our previous range of Stock in a Can, we now have 3 delicious new flavours for you to try! These Stocks are ready to use, offering exquisite taste. With an excellent, eye-catching design, these cans make an excellent POS display. See our new flavours below:

Potts’ Lamb Stock in a 100% Recyclable Can: https://bit.ly/44TR8BC

Potts’ Fish Stock in a 100% Recyclable Can: https://bit.ly/42Oe4jQ

Potts’ Veal Stock in a 100% Recyclable Can: https://bit.ly/3VWKUgn

Potts’ Bottled Sauces

Our 2 new Bottled Sauces are an excellent addition to this already popular range, offering immense flavour and beautiful packaging. Great for grilling, marinading, or topping your food, these sauces are a cupboard essential, especially during the Summer months! Check out our new flavours here:

Potts’ Steak Sauce: https://bit.ly/42vnMbo

Potts’ Maple Chipotle Barbecue & Grilling Sauce: https://bit.ly/3LTMmvu