Sabre Wholesale – Stockists wanted!

As one of our sister companies, Sabre Wholesale is officially the only distributor of Alpha Spirit Cat and Dog Food to the UK pet trade.

The Alpha Spirit brand strives to promote the well-being and natural feeding of pets, by offering a collection of products which are balanced to provide them with the optimum natural diet, to closely resemble the one they would have enjoyed in the wild.

There are many pets across the country that suffer with sensitive stomachs, and we are here to try and ease that struggle with gluten-free, grain-free and an overall healthy choice of Pet Food for those furry friends.

By displaying a range of Alpha Spirit in your butcher’s shops, you will be catering to a wider range of customers with pets that perhaps struggle to give their dogs raw meat, or their stomachs don’t exactly agree with it.

From countertop Treats to Semi-Moist Dog Food, if you would like to learn more information about bringing Alpha Spirit to your butcher’s shop, visit the Sabre Wholesale website here: