Homemade Pies

It’s finally the season to begin introducing the beloved pie dinners back to the dinner tables and we have got just the ingredients to help you do so.

Although it may seem a little bit early to talk about the Autumn season, there is always a good time to enjoy a classic steak pie for dinner and if you want a challenge for the upcoming season, why not make your own?

Using our ingredients, you can fulfil your cooking dreams of creating crispy pastry and steak filling all in the heart of your own kitchens.

If you are a butcher's shop getting ready for the Autumn season, it is time to start removing those Instant Barbecues and replacing them with this classic English dish.

Steak pies are a family favourite and will definitely be a must-have for their shopping lists when September comes around!

To get ahead of the game, ensure you are stocked up on all of the essential ingredients needed to make not only the most delicious pies but the most eye-catching pies for your display, attracting customers into your shops with the shine of a pie glaze.