AVO Marinades!

Marinades are an essential addition to a tender piece of meat, helping to elevate the flavour and tenderness to make it truly mouth-watering. Made with acidic ingredients, this allows the flavourings to go into the meat; they also contain more salt which absorbs moisture making the meat juicier! Here at Butchers-Sundries, we offer everything from Dry to Wet Marinades, but we’re here to talk about one specific brand - AVO.

From the classic flavours to the more adventurous marinades, experimenting is encouraged with AVO to help create a truly delicious piece of meat. One of our AVO bestsellers is our Red Wine & Shallots Marinade; it is recommended to be paired with beef or lamb, but it is suitable for all meats and is best known for the shine it brings when applied! Another top seller is our Black Aged Pepper Marinade as it has the perfect blend of green, white, and black pepper whilst bringing a hint of coriander, ginger, cumin, fennel, and chilli. This marinade is perfect for BBQs and best paired with beef.

Why not take your taste buds on an adventure by marinating your meat using some of our adventurous AVO flavours? Lime Butter and Whiskey & Black Pepper are definitely one for your baskets with its vibrant colours and unique taste that will get your customers craving more from your counters. Like all of the AVO Marinades they’re made out of the finest rapeseed oil to give a distinctive shine, attracting your customers straight to your displays.

If you want to set your butchers displays apart from the rest, try AVO Marinades as a final BBQ season experiment!