This English tradition goes back to when having tea in the afternoon was started in England during the 1840’s and was enjoyed by many.

Every year in August this fantastic event takes place and is usually enjoyed after lunch and before dinner, when a midday hunger sinks in.

It is usually finger foods, such as sweet and savory sandwiches, small dessert dishes and of course the English delicacy, a cup of tea to your preference.

During this celebratory week, there are a variety of things you can do to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, with different activities every day!

Included in our Stokes range, we have an array of delicious Jams and Marmalades that will sit perfectly on a scone or a sweet treat to make a traditional English dessert for your afternoon tea.



Enjoy this fantastic occasion by hosting an afternoon tea party, ordering afternoon tea delivery, or treating yourself and someone special to an afternoon tea somewhere with a fantastic view.

You can plan the perfect afternoon tea party from the comfort of your own home using our delicious Condiments. From scrumptious Strawberry Jam to our mouth-watering Seville Orange Marmalade, our Stokes Jars and Catering Tubs will not only make the perfect additions to a tea party but will also create a beautiful counter display for your farm shops during the rest of the Summer season!

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