Butchers Bargain Corner!

If you have a butchery or you’re a home user that loves to take your domestic cooking to the next level, and you also can’t resist a bargain, our Butchers Bargain Corner has made a return offering you top quality supplies and tools at very affordable prices!

For our customers within the butchery industry, we thought we’d treat you to some fantastic deals like massive savings on our 28mm Vegetarian Sausage Casings Caddy, and some of our best sausage mixes like our Lamb & Mint Sausage Mix which is both great tasting and visually appealing with its free-flowing mix of seasoning and bread-rusk. Our Premium Spicy Toffee Apple Sausage Mix is also on offer with its warm, spicy flavour and a visually appealing look which is great for the wintertime due to its comforting flavours.

For our domestic users, we have also treated you to some tasty deals! If you’re in need of a cupboard top up of herbs and spices, then we’ve got you covered. We’ve got our highly popular Mixed Herbs and Rubbed Rosemary - these would take your seasoning game up a notch! If you’re also in need of a sauce restock then you’re in luck, we’re offering some of our best sauces. On offer is some of the classics like Stokes Real Brown Sauce and Stokes Garlic Mayo, they’re both classic tasting but expertly crafted. We’ve also added some of the more specific sauces like Potts’ Tartare Sauce with Wasabi.

And of course, we have so much more to offer so if any of that interests you, you can peruse our Bargain Corner here: https://butchers-sundries.com/collections/butchers-bargain-corner

Please note that everything listed within this blog post is on offer at the time of publishing. Offers and discounts will change weekly.