Grate Goods Range

Introducing one of our newest and most exciting POS ranges – Grate Goods!

With products including Brines, Sauces, and Rubs, explore the full range today at ⭐

Let’s start with the range of Rubs. With 5 flavour blends to choose from, there is a rub for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a typical All Purpose, a Spicy Chipotle, or a Sweet Paprika, each flavour offers a delicious taste to your meat products.

Next up are the 7 bottled sauce flavours, guaranteed to liven up your dinners. If you’re wanting a pungent combination of garlic and black pepper, be sure to try the Gilroy Garlic Sauce. Alternatively, for a sweet and spicy red pepper taste, check out our Mississippi Comeback Sauce. With several flavours to choose from, why not purchase a few to see what your favourite is?

Last but certainly not least, take your meat to the next level with the Grate Goods All Brine range! With flavours including Herbs & Spices, Maple & Bourbon, and Mushroom & Garlic, these are a unique product, allowing you to inject the flavour directly into the meat to guarantee the tastes are absorbed and travel throughout, ensuring strong flavours with every mouthful.

Browse the full Grate Goods range here: