Afternoon Tea Week

Afternoon Tea Week takes place from 7th to 13th August and provides a perfect opportunity to catch up with your friends and family over some delicious food and cakes. This old but cherished tradition was introduced in the early 19th century when dinner was served later and later. Afternoon tea was created to fill the gap between lunch and dinner, offering a light treat and serving as a social event. This tradition has remained throughout British history and has now become a national celebration!

Here at Butchers Sundries, we offer a wide selection of sauces, jams, marmalades, and pork pie seasonings to help you elevate your Afternoon Tea Party to the next level!

Jams and marmalades are essential components of an impressive spread, and we've got just what you need. Why not start with the classic jams like Stokes Strawberry Extra Jam, Blackcurrant Extra Jam, and Raspberry Extra Jam? These pair wonderfully with scones and tea cakes. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, consider trying the Stokes Chilli Jam and pair it with a cheeseboard for a delightful twist.

An expected item at an Afternoon Tea Party is sauces and condiments. We provide a wide range of sauces and condiments to enhance your culinary experience. We stock classics like The Bay Tree Sweet Chilli Sauce, but we also have alternatives for those who prefer a bit of kick, such as The Bay Tree Spicy Tomato Sauce. These would pair well with finger sandwiches and other delectable treats.

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